riverbank DENTAL

Emergency appointments

If you are a registered patient of the practice, (or a new patient under an open treatment plan), we will always do our best to offer you a same-day appointment for emergency treatment.  This appointment may not be with your usual dentist, and we may not be able to offer a same day appointment if you contact us after 11am. 

If  you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible, so that we can arrange to assess your problem.  We also recommend that you take any over the counter painkillers you would usually take for any other aches or pains (e.g. headache), to minimise your discomfort, taking care not to exceed the dosage instructions on the packet.

Registering with us

In order to register with us patients must make and attend a check-up appointments.  At that appointment your dentist will discuss any treatment necessary to secure your oral health.  Once all of your initial course of treatment has been completed, your dentist will send a form electronically to the NHS, which begins your registration with us.

Patient information leaflets

The practice has produced a number of leaflets outlining what to expect after certain procedures. Click on the buttons below to download a PDF of these.

2385 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G14 0NT

 0141 952 9502

Violent and Abusive Patients

The practice will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour .

Anyone verbally abusing either a member of staff or the public, or using inappropriate language, will be asked to leave the premises and requested to find another dental practice.
Anyone who is violent or causes damage will be removed from the patient list immediately.
Patients will also be removed from the list in the following circumstances:

  1. Violence and aggression towards staff or members of the public.
  2. Damage to practice property or equipment.
  3. Persistent misuse of the system.
  4. Patients who the dentists are unable to manage clinically e.g. breach of contract with dentist regarding attending appointments, break down in patient communication.

In situations where patients are disruptive and display aggressive and/or intimidating behaviour and refuse to leave the premises, staff are instructed to dial 999 for Police assistance, charges may then be brought against these individuals.