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Tooth Whitening : £250

Tooth whitening is not suitable for everyone, and, like all dentistry, should always be carried out by a GDC registered dental professional.  We provide custom made upper and lower whitening trays and 4 x 3 ml tubes of whitening gel.

Emax Porcelain Inlay: from £275

In certain cases it is possible to offer an Inlay to restore a broken down tooth, preserving more of the tooth  than alternative treatment options.

Root Canal Treatment: from £130

Where a tooth being crowned with a private crown requires root treatment, NHS regulations prevent us from carrying out the root treatment under the NHS. Private root canal treatments are carried out using the latest state of the art techniques and materials.

Single Crown: from £275

Either as a tooth coloured crown on a molar tooth or the finest Emax aesthetic option for your front teeth. 

White filling: from £60

A tooth coloured filling is not available under the NHS on certain teeth.  Our Dentists use the latest, high quality composite materials to restore  the tooth, giving a more natural looking finish.  We can place white fillings both when a filling is initially required and also to replace a failing silver (amalgam) filling.


We will always offer a written treatment plan, including costs, where any part of your treatment is being carried out on a Private Treatment basis.   Every case is different and so it is not possible to provide a full list of private fees, however starting prices for some popular private options are listed below.

Your smile says a lot about you

At Riverbank Dental we offer predominately NHS treatment, however there are times when a Private Treatment option might be recommended.  This can be for both cosmetic and treatment planning reasons.  NHS rules and regulations mean that we can't offer tooth coloured fillings and crowns on certain teeth under the NHS

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